Activities Fundraiser: 


Shirts in youth extra small to youth large; and adult small through XXX large. 


Shirts are $15 with portion of proceeds going to Fyre Lake Activities Committee.  


Adult XX and XXX LARGE ARE $3 and $4 extra. 


Contact Cathey Johnson at or 309-593-2302 or contact the Fyre Lake Office.


Youth sizes available for viewing at the office in the offered colors.  See form for ordering.




















With the help of the Sportsmen's Club, and an active Activities Group, there are several activities and events often scheduled throughout the year at Fyre Lake for young and old alike. These include:


Fyre Lake Picnic/Bike Parade

Sand Castle/Sculpture Contest

Easter Egg Hunt

Kids' Fishing Derby

Annual Traveling Hors d'Oeuvres Party


A long time Fyre Lake tradition is "Fyre Lake Days" - a Fourth of July celebration featuring our own fantastic evening fireworks display.

VOLUNTEERS ARE URGENTLY NEEDED if these activities are to continue and be successful.

Watch for dates and more details on the events and activities coming up on our Calendar page on this website and in the Fyre Lake newsletter.












































Fyre Lake Association Office

513 Fyre Lake Drive, Sherrard, IL 61281
(309) 593-2516 / Hours: Mon 2PM - 6PM, Tues 9AM - 12PM, Thur 4-7PM, Sat 9AM-12PM






Water Skiing

Many Years of Fyre Lake Activites